Magnetic Sail Cruising vessel with moving sails (Medium)


Magnetic teaching aid for double-handed dinghy- or sail cruiser handling.


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1 magnetic sail cruising vessel/double-handed dinghy with moving sails (medium)

Looking for a way to convey the points of sail? Why not give this teaching aid a try?

Magnets along the centre line allow you to position the sails for easy explanation. The¬†vessel has green and red sector markings to help learners visualise ‘stand on’ and ‘give way’ when teaching the collision regulations.

You could hand the model over to the students to check their understanding.


8.5 cm LOA

4 cm beam

Made from PLA recycled plastic, with neodymium magnets


Weight 40 g
Dimensions 120 × 55 × 10 mm

White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Green, Silver, Orange, Fluro Green, Hi-vis Orange, Hi-vis Yellow, Pink