IALA B Magnetic Classroom Buoy pack


Sick of doing rubbish doodles of buoys? Why not save time and show your students recognisable buoys to help them grasp the concepts quickly.

Pack contains 12 magnetic buoys

Hot off the printer, the newest teaching aid is 3D printed magnetic IALA buoys. Designed for familiarising students with buoyage as part of either practical or shore-based courses, these versatile and realistic magnetic buoys can inject interest and interactivity into a session as students reach to get hands-on with them

Pack contains 12 small marks:

  • IALA (B) Port mark
  • IALA (B) Starboard mark
  • IALA (B) Preferred Channel Port mark
  • IALA (B) Preferred Channel Starboard mark
  • North Cardinal mark
  • South Cardinal mark
  • East Cardinal mark
  • West Cardinal mark
  • Isolated Danger mark
  • Emergency Wreck mark
  • Safe Water mark
  • Special mark


Medium 4 cm x 7 cm, this buoy is easy to stow

Large 10 cm x 6 cm,

X-Large 14.5 cm x 8 cm

2 x neodymium magnets per buoy

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 300 × 240 × 10 mm

Medium, Large, X-Large