IALA Cardinal Buoy Pack


This pack of 4 cardinal marks is a great addition to any instructor tool kit, enabling hands-on teaching for learners to really get the feel for the topic of buoyage.


The IALA Cardinal buoys model pack is a close representation of navigation marks used around the world. Designed as training aids for the delivery of navigation theory, they are extremely tactile and really engage the learners. Interactive sessions using visual aids enhance the learning experience by ensuring a memorable session which brings the chart symbols to life, helping students to really grasp the key characteristics.

Their compact size makes them easy to stow or transport.

Made from recycled PLA plastic.

Pack contains 4 buoys:

  • North Cardinal – 70mm (H) x 40mm (W)
  • South Cardinal – 70mm (H) x 40mm (W)
  • East Cardinal – 70mm (H) x 40mm (W)
  • West Cardinal – 70mm (H) x 40mm (W)
Weight 92 g
Dimensions 135 × 105 × 75 mm